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Sharp Shooter Keychain Advice From The Inventor Of The Keychain

Hi, I’m G.M. Moran, the inventor of the patented Sharpshooter self-defense keychain. Today, I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about the heavy duty keyring and the new tubular keys that we are now offering on Bushido productions and some of our other sites like and others. The tubular keys are

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Purchase A Tactical Keychain

Purchase A Tactical Keychain The  Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain is a great choice when you decide to purchace a tactical keychain. In contrast to the Kubotan that’s a Close-Quarter Self Defense Device. The Sharp Shooter is a great and easy to use tactical keychain.  It’s like three devices in one little keychain. It instantly offers a smaller defender a significant advantage over a bigger, stronger offender. The Sharp Shooter Self

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What Happened To The Tactical Keychain

What Happened To The Tactical Keychain?

People are thinking what happened to the tactical keychain?  The tactical Sharp Shooter self-defense tactical keychain lanyard is what happened. Take it with you anywhere like faculty, searching malls and offices wherever different protection weapons like mace and tasers isn’t allowed in any respect. The Sharp Shooter protection tactical lanyard may be a straightforward device however big different to self-defense devices that can not be carried all the time and obtainable to use instantly. The proprietary Sharp Shooter protection keychain lanyard is legendary for 3 reasons; speed, accuracy, and power.This

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Best Patented Tactical Keychain

Don’t take chances – Get the Sharp Shooter Self-Defense Keychain and stay safe   It’s a dangerous world out there – but this unique Self-Defense Keychain will easily make it far safer for you or for any of your loved ones     Hope for the best but prepare for the worse. That’s the Sharp

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Tactical Keychain #tacticalkeychain

The Most Powerful long lasting tactical Keychains  With The Sharp Shooter tactical Keychain In Your Pocket, You’ll Feel Secure And Able To Defend Yourself And Loved Ones When thugs and felons attack individuals, they purposefully target those they view as weak. This is so they don’t have any risk to their personal safety. A person

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Kubotan Is Now Obsolete!

I wanted to give my friends and family an out, if they ever were faced with immediate violence. I’m not naive enough to think that my loved ones will be safe no matter what. I know that violence can and does happen to people who aren’t looking for it, and don’t “deserve it”. The Sharp

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See Our Tactical Key Chain In The News! #tactical #keychain #selfdefense

WWSB ABC7 Self defense is an important skill to learn at any age, so Derrick Clark from Clark’s Self Defense shows us a revolutionary tool called the “Sharp Shooter.” Check it out!