Sharp Shooter Keychain Advice From The Inventor Of The Keychain

Hi, I’m G.M. Moran, the inventor of the patented Sharpshooter self-defense keychain. Today, I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about the heavy duty keyring and the new tubular keys that we are now offering on Bushido productions and some of our other sites like and others. The tubular keys are much stronger than a regular key. So if you take a look at my videos, you know the regular type of key like this, these can bend or break if you hit something really hard with them, a lot easier than the tubular keys.

So let me give you an idea of how these keys look like. These are the keys here. Okay, now the best way to use these tubular keys and say you only have a few. Like some people call me say they only have one or two keys on my keychain.

What do I do? I said, find some keys in a junk drawer or something or you can pick up some of our tubular keys and put those on it and how you do that is very simple. You just take the heavy-duty keyring that we sell or come standard with the original Sharpshooter or the viper keychain.

The viper actually comes with two of them, and so you would take the heavy-duty key ring like this, and then you just simply place the heavy-duty key rings. On here now, I’m gonna place. If you want here, let me see how many we got here that’s. Put six on there: okay, that’s, much better now! All I do is very simple: you just take your heavy-duty keyring. Now that has the six tubular keys and put it right on. Just put it right on to your Sharpshooter and then close it down now the best way, rather than just hand tightening it is.

You can take the pliers like this and just tighten up the tightener right here. Okay, so that it’s, nice and tight that won’t come unlocked in any way. So it doesn’t open up on you in the heat of a situation and the keys go flying off!

So now, if you take a look at the keychain, I have the heavy-duty keyring here with the six tubular keys. Then they have my other heavy-duty keyring on here with a bunch of the regular keys. Okay. So now that’s, how its set up – and it’s very powerful.

Now, like that, so I hope you enjoy the video. If you haven’t seen how it shoots out, I just simply pull down the cord lock. Hey don’t come near me now. I can shoot it out like that. That’s. What I mean by shooting this doesn’t shoot like a bullet.

These keys shoot out so close for me, a short distance and from short distance one, quick snap out and now you’re in long distance, so again short distance, one, quick snap of the rest, long distance and that’s how the Sharpshooter shoots out: okay, thanks again and hope you liked this video thank you for reading.